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Symphonia Academica
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Chamber Music That's Adventurous & Far-Ranging

There's an interdependency to be found between the members of a chamber music ensemble; one that's nowhere to be found in large symphonic or concert orchestras. It's this key difference that defines our sound.Peter Bussereau, Artistic Director, Symphonia Academica

Unified sound

Members of a chamber music ensemble have to play differently to members of a large symphonic orchestra. With far fewer players there really is nowhere to hide. Chamber musicians will be working hard to monitor the output of their fellow players as well as their own output in order to blend and meld their sound to create a unified, balanced and harmonious effect.

Chamber musicians will be playing with a level of confidence which can inspire their fellow players.

Closer communication and a tighter performance

In a large concert orchestra you may be seated 20 yards away from fellow players. During a performance, all members of the Symphonia Academica ensemble will have the full string section within their peripheral vision so not only will our professionals be able to hear better but they'll also be able to monitor the body language for visual clues which communicate how players are performing.

Chamber music is our passion

Symphonia Academica is one of the country's most versatile and engaging string chamber ensembles, whose members perform internationally with some of London's finest orchestras. We are a dynamic group of musicians in which the principal players have a passion and a commitment for performing string quartets.The String Quartet

Playing with imagination and versatility

The purpose of Symphonica Academica is to build a repertoire of classical music pieces which can be played by an ensemble that may scale in size and which are so enjoyable to play for people who will enjoy hearing them.

Our programmes are built from a repertoire that we have a deep connection with.Peter Bussereau

We cover new musical territory and are not afraid of being adventurous. Nevertheless. we fundamentally appreciate that audiences love to hear pieces they know and love. We find that our ensemble's approach means that we're able to give an audience what they want yet we're able to deliver pieces in a way that may present a new dimension.Education is at the heart of our chamber music

Our key difference

By bringing-together a dynamic group of string musicians from many areas of the professional classical music world, Symphonia Academica is able to create exciting concerts and exhilarating educational projects. Our programmes are accessible, bright and melodic - we give a wide berth to the turgid and obscure. Our ensemble baulks at the notion of constantly churning-out repeated ideas, preferring more occasional offerings of a unique and fulfilling nature - for the audience and performer alike.Get in touch and share your ideas with us now